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Killer Rabbit is our Podcast of the Week!

Can’t get enough laughter, silliness and British accents? Neither can we!

Our featured podcast for the second week of January is a comedy show that comes all the way from Yorkshire in England, packed with witty banter, original tunes and a whole lotta British jargon.

Congratulations to Killer Rabbit for winning our podcast of the week!

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What is Killer Rabbit about?

The Killer Rabbit podcast is an off-the-cuff scenic detour from modern media. On the podcast, you’ll find a hodgepodge of conversations that will have you rolling with laughter while at the same time scratching your head wondering if they really said that—spoiler alert, they did.

Hosts Adam, Sam and Benson—or Gerald, depending on which episode you start with—get together each week to share their opinions on hilarious stories and play a handful of trivia games, like “Quiz in your Face” and “Fact Hunt,” to keep listeners entertained and stimulated.

At times, Killer Rabbits can be incredibly clever, discussing contemporary topics and addressing worldly news in an amusing, delightful manner. On the other hand, the podcast can also be very simple, poking fun at one another in a humorous, friendly manner.

Why subscribe to the podcast?

Laughter can be the best medicine. While this show isn’t for children, the absurdity and comedic chitchat is childlike, leading to uncontrollable giggling and slapstick humor that will leave you coming back for more.

Each episode is a hilarious conversation between three great friends making for one entertaining and charming podcast that’s one of a kind.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will make you cry with laughter and cringe between every segment, Killer Rabbit is a must subscribe.

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