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Knockin’ Doorz Down Earns Podcast of the Week

The road to recovery can feel arduous and lonely – but many have gone through hellish experiences and come out the other end with stories of triumph and success. Sharing these stories helps others conquer personal conflicts.

Our featured podcast comes to you with real life stories of overcoming life’s greatest challenges.

Knockin’ Doorz Down is your podcast of the week for December 6, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

Life is filled with peaks and valleys. Many experiences help us grow into better people, especially for those individuals willing to make amends for mistakes made in the past.

Knockin’ Doorz Down is a podcast about inspiring stories and overcoming life’s greatest challenges. On the podcast, you’ll find conversations about recovery, fatherhood, passion, failure, and success.

Its hosts, Jason and Mike, are honest with their experience about recovery. Jason, recovering alcoholic, and Mike, survivor of childhood trauma, open the metaphorical doors to conversations that need to be had to encourage recovery. The podcast shows listeners that there’s no shame in admitting fault and wanting to become a better person.

Why subscribe to the Knockin’ Doorz Down podcast?

There’s no “owner’s manual” for life – each person is navigating unchartered seas. Whether consciously or not, we make mistakes then make amends.

People are resilient, strong individuals capable of amazing things. Knockin’ Doorz Down is a podcast that opens the floor to talk about our most challenging experiences so we can appreciate recovery and success.

If you’re a fan of amazing, inspiring stories from the people who’ve been through tough, human experiences, add Knockin’ Doorz Down to your playlist.

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