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Least Haunted Earns Podcast of the Week!

Not everyone is afraid of ghosts. Many people use science to explain eerie activity like creaky houses and ghostly sounds – is paranormal activity proof that ghosts are real or is it just a stretch of your imagination?

Our featured podcast comes to listeners with a skeptic’s eye to ghosts, poltergeists, and everything in between. They’re smart, funny, and refreshingly enlightening.

Least Haunted earns podcast of the week for October 25, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

It’s not always easy to prove that ghosts exist – sometimes, it’s more comforting to prove they don’t exist by using science and reason.

To understand strange phenomena and debunk paranormal myths, hosts Cody Franks and Garth von Ahnen examine abnormal occurrences with an analytic eye and a hunger for the truth. Their podcast, Least Haunted, delves into a handful of cases with the goal of uncovering the not-so-spooky truth.

Least Haunted is a podcast proving that ghosts and other strange phenomena stem from tall tales and excited “eye-witnesses.” Cody and Garth use hard evidence mixed with their critical thinking skills to prove or disprove claims that the supernatural exists.

Why subscribe to the Least Haunted podcast?

Cody and Garth are amazing hosts and dedicated myth-debunking activists. Each episode looks into a different case or phenomenon, unveiling details that science can explain.

What’s more, the production quality of each episode is very good. Each podcast is filled with amazing insights, awesome content, and two hosts who love debunking common myths about ghosts.

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