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Me Becoming Mom Earns Podcast of the Week!

Being a mom isn’t easy – it’s the toughest job on the planet. New moms will tell you it’s far from a walk in the park.

Our featured podcast interviews famous moms to hear what they have to say on their journey into parenthood.

Congrats to Me Becoming Mom for earning podcast of the week for November 1, 2021!

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What’s Me Becoming Mom about?

Topics in parenting aren’t talked about as often as they should. Many parents become parents with no experience at all, diving headfirst into becoming a mom whether prepared or not.

Me Becoming Mom is a podcast sharing conversations with celebrities on parenting that have experienced it firsthand. Host Zoë Ruderman uncovers topics in everything from trying to conceive to surprise parenthood.

This podcast isn’t just for moms or soon-to-be parents, it’s for anyone that passionate about overcoming the challenges that come with being human and mentoring the next generation.

Why subscribe to the podcast?

There’s never too much information on becoming a good parent. Learning to become the best version of a parent that you can be comes from listening and learning from those that have walked the path before.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s big on parenthood and sharing stories on what it takes for women to become super moms, you won’t want to want to miss this podcast.

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