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Many of us have goals and dreams we want to accomplish, but reaching those goals isn’t always easy. Success is a marathon not a sprint, and more than likely as a result of dedication and practice.

For this week’s feature on Bullhorn, we’re highlighting a self-development podcast helping listeners become the best versions of themselves.

Congratulations to Meta Minds for winning podcast of the week for November 25, 2019!

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What is this podcast about?

Meta Minds is a self-development podcast that focuses on self-awareness and improvement.

Hosts Dan Davis and Aimon Bedendorf offer a unique perspective on personal development, adding their opinions on popular topics and enlightening listeners on issues from whether men can be vulnerable to whether eating more plants can extend your life.

The podcast often features accomplished guests that offer insights on their experience with achieving success in the 21st century, like Podchaser’s Co-Founder Cole Raven where they discuss tech startups and where they got their idea to launch a popular website to help listeners find relevant podcasts.

Why subscribe to the Meta Minds Podcast?

If you’re a productivity junkie looking for a fresh podcast series offering new insights on contemporary self-improvement topics, you’ll want to add Meta Minds to your playlist. While Meta Minds doesn’t have a large archive of podcasts, each episode offer high-quality advice.

Dan and Aimon have a warm and welcoming personality that invite listeners to learning valuable information without feeling like you’re getting lectured at. Their conversations between each other and with their guests are natural and informative.

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