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On this week’s Podcast of the Week: Modern Love

Is it ever too late to reunite with a son put up for adoption? What’s the meaning behind a sentimental tattoo?

For this week, we’re featuring Modern Love as our winner for Podcast of the Week for its interesting, unique stories and well-produced episodes.

Modern Love presents essays read by famous voices first published in the popular New York Times column. These episodes explore experiences revolving around love and feature follow-up interviews directly from the essayists.

Listeners get well-spoken narratives that leave strong, lasting morals and are sure to tug at a few heartstrings.

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Modern love is brought to you by the New York Time and WBUR Boston. This podcast has published stories since 2014, cataloging a library of tales about love and passion that listeners can dive into.

Its host, Meghna Chakrabarti, is only there to usher listeners into the stories, serving to transitions listeners between the essay and the author’s commentary.

Could We Try Again? | With Marcia Cross

In a recent episode, we listen to a story written by Meredith Hall and read by Marcia Cross of “Desperate Housewives” and “Quantico.”

Her essay remembers the moment she meets her son for the first time after leaving him at an orphanage 21 years ago. She talks about her grief at 16 years old, having to give up her son and hide that information from her friends throughout the years.

Hall goes on to discuss how estranged the relationship between her and her son was when they first met. Though connected by blood, the distance and lack of communication have left their idea of one another estranged. She also mentions her experience during those 21 years, questioning whether her son wondered about her as much as she wondered about him.

In her rhetoric, Meredith talks about the familiar characteristics she sees in her son, like dimples that resemble Meredith’s brother’s cheeks. From these characteristics, she can see how she and her son are related. However, since she gave up her son for adoption when she was 16 and hadn’t seen her son in over 21 years, those same characteristics in her son leave her with an uncanny, unfamiliar feeling.

Meredith Hall is now 70 years old but still remembers her pregnancy at 16 vividly. She recalls her life-changing experience and how that influenced the rest of her life.

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Modern Love is a rare podcast bringing light to the many facets of love and broadening the listener’s worldview. Catch the latest episodes of Modern Love by subscribing to their podcast on Bullhorn.