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Have You Had Your Morning Toast with Jackie and Girl With No Job?

A Hilarious Podcast Reporting on the Latest Celeb Gossip!

News travels fast. If you take a day off from listening to celebrity gossip, you’ll miss out on the latest news about who’s having a baby, which celebrities are getting a divorce and who’s the latest to make headlines.

Thanks to the hosts of our featured podcast of the week, fans of celebrities can get the top five most relevant news for the day before they even take a bite of their morning toast.

Congratulations to Morning Toast for earning Podcast of the Week.

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What is Morning Toast about?

The Morning Toast is a daily celebrity news podcast publishing episodes five days a week. Its hosts, Claudia Oshry, also known as Girl With No Job, and Jackie Oshry recap top stories from Bravo, TMZ and the E! network, adding their opinions and helping listeners digest the most widely relevant news about celebs.

These girls bring the tea. Each episode is packed with loads of conversation pieces and referenced sources where fans can get every detail of each story.

Why Subscribe to Morning Toast

If you’re like countless celebrity fans in the world, you know that things can change quickly. One minute, you’re crying over the breakup between Kylie and Jordyn’s shattered friendship, and the next, you’re celebrating Colton and Cassie’s engagement on the Bachelor.

Keeping up with all the news can get exhausting. Thanks to the Morning Toast, listeners can get a quick rundown on all the key parts of a cover story and stay on top of the most relevant influencers.

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