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Murder With My Husband Earns Podcast of the Week

We love getting spooky for October, and what better way to kick off the month with a true crime podcast that’s killing the podcasting game.

This podcast features a husband-and-wife duo who have dramatically different views, one who loves true crime stories and the other who hates them.

Murder With My Husband Earns Podcast of the Week for October 4, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

Many podcast connoisseurs have heard a true crime podcast – it’s almost a rite of passage for listeners. What sets this apart from other podcasts are its hosts, wife Payton Moreland and husband Garrett Moreland.

Payton is an amazing storyteller, highlighting key details that Garrett reacts to. Garrett has no idea what the stories are beforehand, showcasing his genuine first impressions. His questions reflect the questions of the audience, exploring the psychology and emotions of the victims and murderers.

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What makes the true crime genre so amazing is its wide array of perspectives. Like watching a movie for a second or third time, each retelling of a true crime story unveils new information and new perspectives on the case.

Murder with my Husband does an amazing job showcasing two key perspectives – one from excitement and intrigue and the other from horror and shock, both from a genuine place of interest.

If you’re a true crime fan in any capacity, you’ll absolutely love Murder With My Husband.

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