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Nerds Amalgamated Earns Podcast of the Week

Nerd culture has experienced a huge spike in popularity in recent years—and with good reason. Nerds have an amazing, diverse community of dedicated fans of all genres, sharing their love for everything from video games and comics to Japanese animation and sports.

Our featured podcast comes to listeners from a popular sub-community of enthusiasts sharing news and opinion on popular nerd culture.

Congratulations to Nerds Amalgamated for earning podcast of the week for July 13, 2020.

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What is the podcast about?

With nerd culture continuing to grow across the world, keeping up with all the latest news and opinions can be a full-time job. As a fan, you likely want a reliable resource to help you sift through the unrelated content and get to the juicy parts.

Nerds Amalgamated is a podcast by the folks behind the popular website with the same name. They bring listeners the very best and most relevant news to their community, covering breaking news and rumors and sharing opinions on debatable topics.

Why subscribe to the Nerds Amalgamated podcast?

The conversations listeners will find on Nerds Amalgamated take a deep dive into the most popular topics in nerd culture. The hosts bring a perspective your average nerd won’t think to come up with, unraveling details about a topic to shed a brighter light on the subject.

Each episode is packed with tons of valuable information for nerds mixed with a charming cast who bring comedy and laughter to each conversation. If you’re a nerd, you’ll definitely find your place with Nerds Amalgamated.

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