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Newsy Jacuzzi Earns Podcast of the Week!

Looking for a podcast you can listen to when commuting with the kids? We have the perfect audio show for you.

Our podcast of the week comes to you from a smart mother-daughter duo who’s as entertaining as they are educational.

Congrats to Newsy Jacuzzi for earning podcast of the week for July 5, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

The world is a big and wondrous place. But because of the most recent pandemic that kept everyone indoors, many people canceled their travel plans.

Leela and Lyndee Prickitt made it a mission to bring the world to everyone else through podcasting.

Newsy Jacuzzi is a news and education podcast that more people, both children and adults, should know about. Each episode is packed with a handful of segments geared towards enlightening and delighting listeners. Episodes frequently invite children from all around the world to participate in sharing interesting facts about a handful of topics.

The podcast is beyond amazing – in addition to having an awesome, engaging set of hosts, Newsy Jacuzzi is very well produced. Each episode is packed with sound effects, ambiance music, and a handful of immersive elements that helps deliver a podcasting experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Why subscribe to the Newsy Jacuzzi podcast?

Lyndee Prickitt is an experienced journalist with a great deal of experience in front of the camera. It was only natural that her daughter Leela adopted the same passion for uncovering the world and sharing their discovery through news outlets.

The podcast is widely underrated – its hosts cover a large catalog of topics, ranging from news, science, and technology to politics, entertainment, and sports.  

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