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Not Suitable for Adults Earns Podcast of the Week

As young men and women grow into adults, many hold strongly to their child-like wonder and excitement. Modern cartoons and children’s movies bring adults a rush of nostalgia, transporting them to a simpler time where Saturday morning cartoons and morning bus rides to school were common.

For our featured podcast, we’re showcasing a weekly show hosted by two adults that take a look into the television shows and movies that our children are watching now.

Congratulations to Not Suitable for Adults for earning Podcast of the Week for October 26, 2020.

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What is Not Suitable for Adults?

Many popular cartoons, television series and movies have at least one thing in common—

they resonate with a wide audience. Great movies and television series share many story elements, like loveable characters, engaging plot lines and character motivations that resonate with its viewers.

Not Suitable for Adults is a cleaver podcast for adults, unraveling children’s movies and television shows in a manner that’s often shocking but always amusing. The hosts discuss the most enjoyable parts and highlight the most memorable moments from a parent’s point of view.

Why Subscribe to the Not Suitable for Adults podcast?

Natalie Smith and Rich Smith, the hosts of Not Suitable for Adults, have great chemistry together, making for fun and entertaining hour-long episodes reviewing popular children’s stories. Any parent that enjoys movie night with their children can relate to Natalie and Rich as they share their experience as parents.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s funny, insightful and smart, you’ll love Not Suitable for Adults.

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