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Movies either age like a fine wine or spoil over time. Re-watching your favorite movies from the past can lead to new discoveries you forgot happened on your first watch.

Our featured podcast is hosted by four friends re-watching classics and sharing their 21st-century perspective.

Congratulations to On Second Watch for earning podcast of the week for August 31, 2020.

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What is the podcast about?

Sitting down in a movie theater in 1977 to watch Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope for the first time was a unique experience that left an entire generation of movie lovers in a state of jaw-dropping astonishment.

Even without powerful CGI, the Star Wars series still holds up today and is remembered as a phenomenal film littered with innovative practical effects and exceptional character performances. But do all films carry the same timeless nature?

On Second Watch is a podcast that compares what we think we know about old movies and what it’s actually like watching them in 2020.

Each episode either looks back at a movie in nostalgia or offers an unapologetic review of the same movie with a modern perspective.

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Movies for many are a fond past time. But not all movies play out exactly as we remember them. Looking back at movies from the past can leave watchers with mixed emotions—was CGI really that bad back then? How could anyone be scared of classic horror films?

What better way to experience a blast from the past than with the best and worst films from the last century.

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