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As the homeless population on the US West Coast rises, there’s a growing need for action to help people recover from homelessness and receive the accommodations they need to live a decent life.

Our featured podcast focuses on this rising epidemic and offers insights on how to remedy the issue.

Congrats to Outsiders for earning Podcast of the Week for December 7, 2020

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What is this podcast about?

In 2019, the LA Times published an article that stated there were more than 50,000 homeless in Los Angeles county alone. Compared to the number of homeless in Los Angeles in 2010, LA experienced a growth of over 42% in the past decade. Homelessness is a growing concern for people all along the West Coast United States.

Outsiders is a podcast that humanizes the homeless population and brings to light the growing need for action. This podcast does an amazing job drawing out the narrative that lead to homelessness while engaging its listeners in a story that speaks volumes on the truths about being homeless. The podcast unravels the individual lives of local strangers living on the streets.

Each episode shares a new story of homelessness that includes interviews with activists, social workers and individuals without proper housing and have experienced homelessness for extended periods of time.

Why subscribe to the Outsiders?

Public awareness about the homeless epidemic along the United States West Coast is extremely important in combatting its growth. Social rights activists and proponents of giving all people access to food, clothing and shelter will find this podcast heartfelt, touching and revealing.

If you want to know more about their production studio, KNKX, and how you can help in their efforts to spread awareness of the homeless pandemic, visit their website and subscribe to Outsiders on Bullhorn.

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