Why We Adore the Modern Love Podcast

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On this week’s Podcast of the Week: Modern Love

Is it ever too late to reunite with a son put up for adoption? What’s the meaning behind a sentimental tattoo?

For this week, we’re featuring Modern Love as our winner for Podcast of the Week for its interesting, unique stories and well-produced episodes.

Modern Love presents essays read by famous voices first published in the popular New York Times column. These episodes explore experiences revolving around love and feature follow-up interviews directly from the essayists.

Listeners get well-spoken narratives that leave strong, lasting morals and are sure to tug at a few heartstrings.    Read More...

The 10 Best Fantasy Football podcasts in 2019

Football season is fast approaching, and draft day for Fantasy Football fans is on its way. You obviously want to prepare for your league as best you can, and what better way than getting tips from the experts.

Who you should draft depends on the rules of your league – are you playing in a league that’s heavy on passing or running, or are you in a league that rewards players that score the most touchdowns? Fantasy Football podcasts help you make the right acquisitions and decisions to develop a highly competitive team no matter what rules your league manager goes with.    Read More...

We Love The Good News Podcast

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Waking up to breaking news of today can be depressing. Most journalism networks report more often on tragedies and heartbreaking news. Not the Good News podcast.

Colleen and Neil are our winners for Podcast of the Week for their intelligent, refreshing conversations on the better things in the news. The Good News Podcast filters daily news and brings its listeners only reports that make people happy.

Fun, Exciting News with a Delightful Twist

The Good News Podcast delivers current events about the sunnier side of life, highlighting the light-hearted stories that lead to grins and cheerful responses. They introduce their podcast as “your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy.”    Read More...

13 Best True Crime Podcasts in 2019

Lies, mystery, and murder—true crime podcasts are extremely popular for their revisioning of horrible, real life events and excellent level of production. We love listening to soothing narration paired with information about intriguing social cases that explore the reasons behind the criminal minds.

At Bullhorn.FM, we’ve gathered 13 of what we think are the best true crime podcasts publishing in 2019. Check our list to find your next binge-worthy true crime podcast, and come back when you’re done with that one!    Read More...

22.33 Wins Podcast of the Week

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The world is filled with unique perspectives, wondrous stories and brilliant people from all walks of life. These same individuals mold our lives, shape our characters and help us grow into the people we are today.

On this Podcast of the Week, we’re featuring 22.33, a podcast that shares amazing international stories about different communities, shared experiences and cultural exchange. We get first-person stories from Mexico, South Africa, Syria, Ukraine, India, Kenya, the United States, and other places around the world.    Read More...

7 Reasons Podcast Transcripts Help to Grow Your Audience

microphone for podcasting

Podcast transcriptions transform your audio content into multi-platform resources, broadening your reach as a creator.

It’s not every day that listeners enjoy podcasts without experiencing interruptions here and there. When distractions come up, users can often lose their place, put down the podcast or just plain miss valuable content.

With podcast transcriptsavailable, users have more ways to keep up with your most important conversations, whether they’re reading or listening to your podcast.    Read More...

Storynory Earns Podcast of the Week

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Looking for a creative and family-friendly story-telling podcast that’s both educational and entertaining to share with your loved ones? Storynory is just the one for you!

Storynory offers a collection of fiction written for children and kids, told by professional voice actors. The podcast takes a unique approach to telling verbal stories, offering an immersive experience for listeners by using multiple voices to distinguish between characters and adding sound effects and music.

Listen to Storynory on Bullhorn:    

Coffee Break Languages by Radio Lingua makes Podcast of the Week!

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Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but felt you’re either too busy or that courses may be too expensive? Wonder if there’s a way to brush up on your Spanish, French or German when working out or on your coffee break?

Kicking off our first Podcast of the Week is Coffee Break Languages, your free private language tutor. As one of the best podcasts to learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Italian, Coffee Break offers hundreds of language-speaking lessons in over 30 languages.

This team of lingual enthusiasts bring practical audio lessons to language learners all around the world. You can take your language courses anywhere you go and listen to your lectures at your convenience and pace—and, what’s even better, access to the podcast is free!    Read More...