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Plants are an integral part of Earth’s ecosystem—it’s the reason humans and other animals have oxygen to breathe and energy to consume. Without plants, life on Earth would cease to exist.

If you get excited over the idea of photosynthesis and the natural medicinal qualities plants have, you’ve come to the right place! Our podcast of the week is an expert in botanical research and an enthusiast for all things related to plants.

Congrats to Planthropology for earning Podcast of the Week for January 11th, 2020.

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What’s this podcast about?

Botany is widely popular among gardeners and those looking to pursue a career in science—but not often are plants getting the recognition it deserves. Fauna is immensely important in Earth’s longevity and maintaining a healthy planet for future generations to live on.

Planthropology is a podcast that talks about how important plants are to life on Earth. On the podcast, you’ll find its host, Dr. Vikram Baliga, interviewing amazing plant-people—those who share their love for plants and help to spread awareness about how we can do our part.

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Planthropology host, Dr. Vikram Baliga, said in one episode, “If you like to eat and you like to breathe, you should definitely care about plants.”

If you’re interested in an educational, laid-back podcast that takes a deep dive into an aspect of life that’s often overlooked, you’re gonna love Planthropology.

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