Coffee Break Languages by Radio Lingua makes Podcast of the Week!

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but felt you’re either too busy or that courses may be too expensive? Wonder if there’s a way to brush up on your Spanish, French or German when working out or on your coffee break?

Kicking off our first Podcast of the Week is Coffee Break Languages, your free private language tutor. As one of the best podcasts to learn Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Italian, Coffee Break offers hundreds of language-speaking lessons in over 30 languages.

This team of lingual enthusiasts bring practical audio lessons to language learners all around the world. You can take your language courses anywhere you go and listen to your lectures at your convenience and pace—and, what’s even better, access to the podcast is free!

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Why Should You Listen to a Language Podcasts?

In today’s busy culture, finding time for hobbies and interests is hard. In between taking children to soccer practice and Pilate classes with Jenn, you spend a great deal of time with everyday tasks you’ve become an expert in, like driving, cooking or folding laundry.

You can optimize your time to make use of every minute, learning a new skill while walking your dog or performing other work.

Language learning apps help students learn vocabulary basics, but they do little to immerse learners in the conversation. Using and listening to the language is an essential part of learning to use the language in real-life situations.

Coffee Break transforms mundane activities into engaging lessons where learners can listen to lectures, practice pronunciation and learn new vocabulary without ever stepping foot into a classroom.

Your Private Language Tutor

Since its launch back in 2006, Coffee Break Languages has moved to Glasgow, Scotland. Their team of native speakers and language experts develop new courses regularly and deliver audio language lessons in a variety of languages.

They first began with free French and Spanish lessons but has since expanded to offer courses in German, Italian and even Chinese. They have hundreds of audio lessons broken up into 20-minute to 45-minute lessons you can access through podcasting apps like Bullhorn.

Learners looking to further their language-learning experience can enroll in their premium subscriptions. This package includes bonus material such as transcripts, additional lessons, written activities and notes to assist learners in immersing themselves in the language.

They’ve even added lessons for children. Parents can use the podcast to introduce their kids to foreign languages. Their High-Five series focuses on delivering Spanish and French lessons presented by young language enthusiast.

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