Podcast of the Week: StartUp by Gimlet Media

Planning to start a business? To have the best chances of success, you want advice from successful business owners and entrepreneurs that have been there before.

For this week’s feature, we have a podcast that went from documenting their startup journey as podcasting company to researching other young companies and creating audio exposés that are filled with exclusive interviews and conversations.

Congrats to StartUp by Gimlet Media for earning Podcast of the Week!

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What’s the StartUp podcast about?

Originally, Alex Blumberg, host of StartUp, started his podcast series to cover his journey about what happens when someone (Alex) who knows nothing about business starts one. The series documented Alex’s journey launching Gimlet Media, following both his failures at earn capital from investors and his successes leading to what we know of the podcasting giant today.

StartUp adapted to the changing podcasting space and now features interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners of all sorts. Each conversation addresses the hardships and triumphs they had to go through when developing a brand-new business.

The podcast can also help audiences with fulfilling their own entrepreneurial aspirations. The first-hand experiences each guest brings to the show offers listeners a frame of reference that can used on their own entrepreneurial journey.

What’s there to love about this podcast?

As a StartUp ourselves, we get a lot of value from listening to each episode. What started as a passion project of curiosity turned out to be one of the most lucrative and recognizable podcasting companies in the world, producing fan favorites like Reply All, Story Pirates, and The Journal by Wall Street.

StartUp is produced by Gimlet Media, so listeners can expect that each episode is incredibly well-produced and well-paced. Each episode is edited to deliver only the good stuff, leaving out the pauses in between conversations and seamlessly transitioning from topic to topic without any wasted time.

Gimlet has been acquired by Spotify, so their budget for production has significantly increased. In the next season of StartUp, Alex plans to cover Gimlet Media’s acquisition from Spotify.

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