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Power Dog Earns Podcast of the Week

Podcast listeners come in all shapes, sizes, and age groups. Some of our favorite listeners are the up-and-coming creatives just getting their feet wet with performance and production.

Our podcast of the week comes from a host who’s as passionate about podcasting as she is about helping the next generation of artists, actresses, and human beings.

Congratulations to Power Dog from Kids Listen for earning Podcast of the Week!

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What’s Power Dog about?

Podcasts aren’t just for true crime series and listening to your analysts argue about sports – podcasts are used all over the world to educate, entertain, and guide the next generation of superheroes into the not-so-distant future.

Power Dog is a podcast about a super pup that goes on a handful of amazing, wonderous adventures kids everywhere love to hear about. Each episode stars Power Dog, a brave, adventurous young pup.

What makes the podcast amazing is its stories about discovery and friendship. Its host is a wonderful storyteller and amazing teacher, making it easy for young listeners to enjoy.

Why subscribe to the podcast?

Podcasts are a great way to introduce kids to the stories that inspire and influence the next generation. Power Dog is an amazing podcast to listen to during the commute to school in the morning or on your way to soccer practice.

The podcast was brought to listeners with the help of the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland. You can find other amazing podcasts from Kids Listen by visiting their site.

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