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Explore the Sounds of Horror with PseudoPod

Ghastly ghouls, terrifying ghosts and mysterious aliens – if you’re looking for the perfect podcast featuring spooky tales for a night filled with frightful screams, then you’ve come to the right place.

Capping off our final feature for October, we have a long-standing podcast that’s been producing quality content since 2006, giving listeners roughly 13 years of chilling stories that will leave you goosebumps!

Congratulations to PseudoPod for winning Podcast of the Week!

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What can we say about PseudoPod that we haven’t already?

PsuedoPod is a collection of amazing stories from prolific horror writers told by skillful narrators. Stories delve into fresh, thrilling adventures, each as chilling as the last.

While there are tons of scary story-telling podcasts out there, there are none producing the same blend of entertainment, intelligence and bizarre. This podcast is truly a gem in the podcasting space, a quality product created by passionate horror enthusiast.

If you’re new to PsuedoPod, you’ll have the fortune of diving into hundreds of hours of horror stories. Ongoing listeners can tune in each week for brand new stories told by experienced narrators and produced with eerie sound effects and frightening background music. 

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What we absolutely love about PseudoPod is their dedication to delivering high-quality scary stories that leave listeners craving for more.

Each story follows relatable characters written into detailed scenes, each with strong motives that drive the characters towards their fate.

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