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Raising Good Humans Earns Podcast of the Week

We all know how important children are to our future, but parenting can often be hard. There is hope—if you’re looking for a podcast that’ll help you become a better parent and raise your children to become respectable adults, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Our featured podcast is hosted by developmental psychologist and parent educator Dr. Aliza Pressman.

Congrats to Raising Good Humans for earning the podcast of the week.

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What’s the podcast about?

No matter how much a person can prepare, no one can really predict what it’s like to become a parent for the first time—or having a second, or third child.

While there are many controversies with the methods on how to parent, most parents would agree that parenting, in a nutshell, is caring for your child and helping your child better understand the world so that they may make better decisions for themselves.

The best part of the podcast is its host—Dr. Aliza Pressman’s advice on parenting is exceptionally well received by her listeners. Her podcasts are very straightforward and easy to follow along with, giving listeners practical advice on what to do given a handful of scenarios.

Dr. Pressman’s podcast talks about everything from how to praise and discipline a child to discussing gender, sexuality, and growing maturity with children.

Why subscribe to the Raising Good Humans podcast?

Whether you’re a new parent or a three-child veteran, Dr. Pressman shares a great deal of valuable information about parenting for free on each episode. Her database of content is extensively robust, offering listeners a great deal of amazing information to help parents cover all fields of parenting.

Check out popular episodes of Raising Good Humans on Bullhorn.

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