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Movies are a big part of modern culture—we flock to movie theaters and streaming sites whenever a new movie releases featuring any of our favorite A-list actors and actresses.

Our featured podcast is a husband and wife duo who talks about the best and worst movies from our most beloved Hollywood stars.

Congratulations to Rank My Movies for earning podcast of the week for November 23, 2020.

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What’s the podcast about?

Rank My Movies is a movie-appreciation podcast sharing conversations about the best and worst movies from popular actresses and actors.

Each episode goes into a different star’s filmography, ranking their films from top to bottom and diving into their lives to unravel what makes them look so good on the big screen.

If you’re a fan of film, you’ll definitely want to check this podcast out. Their conversations are charming and funny in a manner that only a husband and wife could create. Listeners will absolutely fall in love with the way they feed off one another’s energy and bring excitement and entertainment to the podcast.

Why subscribe to the Rank My Movies podcast?

People absolutely love movies, and the hosts of this podcast are no exception. Brandon and Malinda Benson are loveable hosts that have a great time on their podcast discussing facts and opinions about popular actors and actresses. With each episode, listeners can expect to learn about the featured actor or actress’s life and maybe discover a film or two that you didn’t know existed, for better or worse.

This husband and wife duo are amazing creators who work extremely well together. Each episode is hilarious, insightful and downright entertaining.

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