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Ransack History Earns Podcast of the Week!

When looking through history, many stories from the past leave modern society scratching their heads in disbelief. Did we really have riots over wearing straw hats? Was poison really used by the government to prevent people from breaking the law during the prohibition period?

Our featured podcast is a show bringing listeners hidden treasures from our past and reminding us just how quirky our ancestors have been.

Congratulations to Ransack History for earning podcast of the week for March 23, 2020.

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What’s Ransack History about?

Much of history’s hidden gems have been overshadowed by pivotal moments that have widespread popularity. While these lesser-known moments aren’t as widely taught, they’ve still made significant impacts on the societies of today.

Ransack History sheds a light on some of the most interesting periods in our past, like the first recorded labor strike in Egypt and how we’ve developed artificial intelligence into the machine-learning programs of today.

“Our goal with each episode is to provide a fun, quick look into history and inspire our listeners to learn more about our ransacked topics,” Erik and Vicky wrote in an email.

Why subscribe to the Ransack History podcast?

Erik and Vicky are extremely charming hosts, working together to present gemstones from history in a pleasant and entertaining manner. Their conversations are comical, light-hearted and effortless in its presentation, making this podcast easy to listen to and enjoyable from start to finish.

What’s especially unique about Ransack History is the content they present. History is laden with culture-defining moments that are often taught in history books and schools everywhere. Ransack History takes a deeper dive into the archive to pull parts of our history that have long been forgotten but have made significant impacts on modern culture.

Everything about Ransack History is awesome, from its hosts and delivery to its content and alluring charm.

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