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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’s no doubt that many around the world do. Some would even say that they have had a paranormal experience.

Our podcast of the week invites listeners to share their personal experiences with ghost on their show in an intimate conversation.

Congratulations to Real Ghost Stories Online for its relentless dedication to bringing podcast listeners the spookiest true ghost tales around!

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What is Real Ghost Stories Online about?

Many can recount a moment in their life where they felt an eerie ambiance in the air. Maybe a figure they couldn’t quite catch zooms pass the corner of their eye or maybe they heard a sound from an adjacent room when they were home alone – people all over the world can recount times that brought chills running through their spine.

Real Ghost Stories Online is a podcast that collects these stories and presents them to listeners in a raw, live-caller type of way. With any podcast focused on audience-generated content, listeners never know what stories to expect. Callers bring ghost stories of all types, everything from sightings and hauntings to apparitions and poltergeist.

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Hosts Tony and Jenny Brueski act like a radio talk-show, chatting with listeners and exploring these chilling tales. Often, Tony will poke and probe the story to draw more details from the storyteller.

Ghost stories have a cult following, and Real Ghost Stories Online satisfies the urge to stay up at all hours of the night afraid to turn off the lights.

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? What’s fascinating about this podcast is that no two stories are the same, leaving readers always guessing on what experiences people may have had with the paranormal. If you weren’t a big believer before, Real Ghost Stories Online may convert you into a ghost hunter, or at least a person who enjoys listening to another person’s recollection with a ghost.

Want to share your ghost story? You can call into the show at 1-855-853-4802 or send your stories to Tony and Jenny Brueski through their website or using email.

Real Ghost Stories publishes new episodes five days a week, so listeners will have plenty of binge-worthy content to keep them up at night!

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