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Reverie True Crime Earns Podcast of the Week

Reverie True Crime is our podcast of the week for August 23, 2021.

Its host, Paige Elmore, is an amazing storyteller that takes listeners into the criminal mind and keeps audiences at the edge of their seat. The podcast focuses on cases that may not be as popular as the Green River Killer or Aileen Wuornos but are just as entertaining and thrilling.

If you’ve binged through all your favorite true crime podcasters and you’re looking for someone new, this podcast should definitely be on your playlist.

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What’s the podcast about?

Reverie True Crime is a unique true crime podcast in both the cases covered and the way the stories are told.

Unlike other true crime podcasts that look at cases from a bird’s eye view, Reverie True Crime takes listeners through the event like a story. Paige retells the details of a case in a way that draws listeners in and immerses them into the emotion-driven experience. She brings out characteristics like greed and lust without outright telling the audience.

Her stories are packed with everything you’d expect from a good true-crime podcast – shocking true events, psychologically thrilling plots, and convicted felons committed for unimaginable crimes like murder and kidnapping.

Why subscribe to Reverie True Crime podcast?

If you’re a big true crime addict like many of us at Bullhorn, you’ll have fun with Reverie True Crime. You can expect new cases, an easy-to-follow storytelling experience, and tons of content to binge through.

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