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SpyHards Earns Podcast of the Week

What do James Bond, Agent J, and the Pink Panther all have in common? That’s right—they’re all Hollywood spy heroes in their own popular culture series.

If you’re a fan of spy films and undercover plots, you’re sure to fall in love with our featured podcast.

Congratulations to SpyHards for earning podcast of the week!

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What is SpyHards about?

SpyHards is a podcast that takes a deeper look at popular spy films, like Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Central Intelligence (2016). Each episode decodes a different spy film in popular culture and breaks down each element of the film, from its casting to its symbolisms.

The hosts of SpyHards, Cam Smith and Scott Hardy, have an exciting time on their podcast. Both hosts are incredibly well spoken and do an amazing analysis of each movie.

Frequent on the podcast, you’ll find other amazing invited guests, like Dr. Lisa Funnel, a 007 scholar and associate professor in the Woman’s & Gender Studies program at the University of Oklahoma. Her discussion with the hosts on The World is Not Enough was incredibly insightful and brought attention to areas of the film that your average fan may have missed.

Why subscribe to the SpyHards podcast?

SpyHards is a unique podcast with an incredibly niche topic, making them experts in all things related to spy-pop culture. If you’re a fan of characters like Jason Bourne from the Bourne series, Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Ethan Hunt from the Mission Impossible series, you’ll love this podcast.

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