Bullhorn’s 2019 Podcast Staff Picks

2019 has been a wonderful year for podcasts! Since we’re obsessed with listening to podcasts, we wanted to share some of our favorites from the year!

Here are our Staff Picks for our most-listened-to podcasts in 2019:

Sam’s Pick – Better Product

Better Product podcast logo gif, Sam's staff picks

Hosts: Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin

What is Better Product about?

Better Product is a podcast that interviews experts in business, from entrepreneurs to CEOs, on how to build better products. The insights you’ll find on this podcast can quickly turn your lack-luster products into contemporary tools that can be used daily.

Each interview is delivered in a narrative-style podcast show, presented in a manner that’s linear and easy to follow.

Anna and Christian publish an episode each week, inviting new industry leaders to share their insights on how to build the best, most cutting-edge products available today.

Why Subscribe to the Better Product podcast?

In business, competition is fierce. If your product isn’t performing how it should or your customers fail to see the value in your product, you may not want to quit your day job just yet.

Christian and Anna use the Better Product podcast to help business owners all across the world enhance their digital goods by offering valuable information that many first-time and long-time entrepreneurs may overlook.

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Resty’s Pick – Pull Up with CJ McCollum

Pull Up with CJ McCollum and Jordan Schultz podcast, Resty's staff picks

Hosts: CJ McCollum and Jordan Schultz

What is Pull Up with CJ McCollum about?

Are you an avid fan of the NBA and all things basketball? Pull Up with CJ McCollum is a podcast hosted by none other than CJ McCollum, starting guard for the Portland Trailblazers.

CJ and his cohost, Jordan Schultz, breakdown the latest sports news and offer analysis on what’s happening in the NBA and other trending topics from the perspective of the player. The Pull Up podcast features exclusive interviews with NBA and sports stars like Kevin Love and Kevin Durant.

Why subscribe to the Pull Up with CJ McCollum podcast?

It’s one thing to get news from sources like Sports Center or ESPN, but they don’t always cover the entire story. Sports news publications are often most interested in trending topics, like whether or not LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

Pull Up with CJ McCollum offers exclusive insights on the NBA, pulling back the curtains and offering a behind-the-scenes look at everything from conditioning to the off-season. Not to mention the lovely wine segment (cue the wine music) at the end of the show highlighting a weekly favorite.

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Joey’s Pick – Reply All

Reply All podcast logo, Joey's staff picks

Hosts: PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.

Why subscribe to Reply All?

The internet is vast, with interesting stories being made each and every day.

Reply All is a long-running podcast that showcases different stories from the web that would not have existed if the internet were not around.

With each episode, listeners can expect a brand-new narrative, packed with exciting interviews with real-life people and shocking reveals.

Why subscribe to the Reply All podcast?

If you’re been listening to podcasts for some time, you’ve probably already heard of Reply All. That’s because Reply All has been publishing content since 2014, consistently receiving around five million downloads each month.

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Luis’s Pick – King and the Sting

King and the Sting podcast logo

Hosts: Brendan Schaub and Theo Von

What is King and the Sting about?

King of the Sting is a hilarious weekly podcast publishing no-holds-barred conversations about everything from picking up hitchhikers to podcasts with Joe Rogan.

Each episode is driven by the personalities of the hosts, Brendan and Theo. Together, they’re as entertaining as they are ridiculous, poking fun at one another and sharing their hilarious experiences.

Why subscribe to the King and the Sting podcast?

If you’re looking for an off-the-cuff, knee-slapping comedy podcast that’s as entertaining as it is wild, then you’re in the right place.

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Joshua’s Pick – The Jazz Treasury Podcast

The Jazz Treasury podcast logo, joshua's staff picks

Hosts: Rich Sylvester

What is the Jazz Treasury Podcast about?

The Jazz Treasure Podcast takes listeners back to the classic radio-style presentation where the host, Rich Sylvester, shares the best of jazz history while offering insights and information about the artists and musicians of the time.

Each episode showcases a new playlist of the rich, indigenous music from America as we know it today.

Why subscribe to The Jazz Treasury Podcast?

Rich Sylvester has over 40 years of experience following, researching and listening to jazz, making him a reliable resource for all things jazz music. Listeners can find works from musicians like John Coltrane and Duke Ellington.

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Vania’s Pick – Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie podcast logo, Vania's staff picks

Hosts: Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat

True Crime podcasts have taken the podcasting space by storm, and Crime Junkie is leading the way.

If you’re addicted to True Crime podcasts as much as we are, then Crime Junkie is a must listen! Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat feature some of the most intriguing, gut-wrenching crimes in history, everything from serial killers to one-time offenders.

Ashley and Brit have covered some of the most famous cases, like the Green River Killer or the Golden State Killer.

Why listen to the Crime Junkie podcast?

There are a handful of true-crime podcasts surfacing all over the internet, but none deliver the news in the same manner as the hosts of Crime Junkie. Ashley and Brit are made to podcast together, working together to entertain their audience with a podcast that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Marissa’s Pick – Morning Toast

The Morning Toast podcast logo, Marissa's staff picks

Hosts: Claudia Oshry, a.k.a. Girl With No Job, and Jackie Oshry

What is Morning Toast about?

Who doesn’t love celebrity gossip? Companies like TMZ and People Magazine have created successful businesses by covering as many details about celebs as possible.

The Morning Toast is a morning show that delivers daily celebrity news to a community of tea-lovers, covering everything from news about Kanye and the Kardashians to popular shows like the Bachelor.

Why Subscribe to the Morning Toast Podcast?

What more can we say about Morning Toast that we didn’t already say when we featured them as our Podcast of the Week?

If we could recommend one podcast for all your celebrity-related news and gossip, the Morning Toast is our front-runner. Not only is their podcast entertaining, they’ve built a community of gossip lovers around the world, inviting listeners to comment on the news and participate in exclusive retreats.

Listen to popular episodes from the Morning Toast: