Here’s Stuff You Should Know, Winners for this Week!

Ever wonder how sleepwalking works? What about how ventriloquists can use puppets without moving their mouths? Both topics about stuff you should know. At least that’s what Josh and Chuck of the Stuff You Should Know podcast think.

For our podcast of the week, we’re featuring Stuff You Should Know, a podcast that aims to educate listeners about common things in life and how they work.

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What is Stuff You Should Know about?

On this podcast, Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant, also known as Chuck, share conversations about a plethora of topics that many people wonder about but won’t often have the time or resources to commit to the research.

Josh Clark is a senior writer for, where he’s written articles about Jack the Ripper and claustrophobia. Chuck is a graduate from the University of Georgia with over a decade’s worth of experience travelling.

Consider this show a spark-notes version of a handful of random subjects that would interest most people. On this podcast, listeners can find out where a Ouija board comes from and how it works or how a government shutdown works. Josh and Chuck are willing to cover even the most obscure topics in hopes of helping listeners become more aware.

Why we love this podcast:

You never know what you don’t know until you learn it. That’s what this show aims to do, enlighten its audience to a wide variety of things.

Josh and Chuck have set out to teach listeners a handful of fascinating facts that the majority of us should already know, like how sign language works or how an airbag deploys. They’re also into teaching people about random things that you maybe don’t have to know but would probably like to know, like how druids work or about when Elvis Presley met president Richard Nixon.

Stuff You Should Know is now a television show! They’re still producing plenty of podcasts, so fans of the series can always have something to look forward to week after week.

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