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Ever wonder what are the strongest animals on earth? Or what about a top-ten list of the most common phobias?

Our podcast of the week collects the top-ten lists for all sorts of topics, from the best-selling book franchises of all time to the deadliest jobs in America.

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What is the 10ish Podcast about?

People are naturally curious. It’s no wonder why so many of us are attracted to top-ten lists.

The 10ish Podcast is an audio show that collects data on a few of the most fascinating inquiries we would ever want to know as humans and presents that content in an engaging, entertaining manner.

Nick Emel and Brandon Coffman, hosts of the 10ish Podcast, get together each week to discuss the top ten lists of things you probably didn’t know you were curious about, everything from the most popular dog breeds to the highest budgeted horror films. The hosts take turns bringing a top-ten list to their podcast in the latest episode where the other host then guesses which candidates successfully made the top ten.

Not only can a top-ten list offer insights many of us probably didn’t know but these lists also act as a point of reference for listeners.

What’s more, each episode is packed with a handful of slap-stick jokes and playful insults that make each episode as entertaining as they are educational.

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While the hosts can often be sarcastic, the facts they discuss on their podcast are fascinating. Each episode delivers a handful of trivia information that many listeners have overlooked.

We should warn listeners that this podcast is not for kids. Between the f-bombs and unfiltered banter, this podcast is most appropriate for a mature audience.

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