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Suburban Folk Earns Podcast of the Week

Living in suburbia is living the American dream. After getting married, many buy a house and move in with their family to start a new life focused on raising kids and settling down.

But living in the suburbs comes with a lot of unexpected changes.

Our featured podcast talks about everything related to living in suburban neighborhoods, from how to react to schools reopening after COVID to being a good dad.

Congratulations to Suburban Folk for earning podcast of the week for August 24, 2020

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What’s the podcast about?

When you first move into a new home, you’re met with a handful of unexpected responsibilities, like making improvements to your house and learning to practice self-care amid working a full-time job and being a parent.

Suburban Folk is a podcast helping listeners navigate through the uncharted seas of living in the suburbs. What should you do if you’re a single-parent mom? What are some DIY home-improvement projects you can do yourself?

The podcast focuses on health, travel, finance, home improvement and parenting. Its host, Greg Roedersheimer, shares experiences and anecdotes that relate with listeners in a way that’s practical and speaks to a wide audience.

Why subscribe to the Suburban Folk podcast?

If you own or rent a home in suburban areas and want advice on parenting, home-improvement projects and other lifestyle-related topics, the Suburban Folk podcast should definitely be on your playlist.

Each episode addresses a new topic that aids new homeowners, parents and working-class professionals in finding solutions to common problems people face living in the suburbs.

Suburban Folk is a weekly podcast hosted by Greg Roedersheimer.

Listen to popular episodes of Suburban Folk on Bullhorn.

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