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Supernatural with Ashley Flowers Earns Podcast of the Week

Not all mysteries can be explained using evidence and accountability. Some mysteries are so unbelievable, many suggest that the phenomena come as a result of something supernatural or extraterrestrial. 

Ashley Flowers, creator and host of Crime Junkie, joins Parcast to release a brand-new podcast our team here at Bullhorn can’t get enough of.

Congrats to Supernatural with Ashley Flowers for earning Podcast of the Week for September 28, 2020.

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What’s this podcast about?

While demons and ghosts are staples in fictional horror films and scary stories, many of these characters earned their reputation from true events.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers is a podcast detailing true stories that have their basis in the supernatural or extraterrestrial. While many cases can be explained using investigation and evidence, many of the crimes and phenomena featured on the podcast are shrouded in mystery and unexplainable events.

Some stories you’ll find on the podcast include the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the alien abduction of Travis Walton.

Why subscribe to the Supernatural with Ashley Flowers podcast?

Supernatural with Ashley Flower is an amazing podcast that offers horror-story fans a unique look at the unexplainable and unsolved. Each episode details the history surrounding a single supernatural event, giving listeners a look at what we know and posing questions for what we have yet to explain.

If you’re a fan of Crime Junkie, which many true-crime podcast listeners are, you can expect the same charm and delivery that made the podcast so popular. Ashley Flowers and her team at Parcast bring the best of Crime Junkie to a new podcast made for fans of the ghost, aliens and demons.

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