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More Than Myths Earns Podcast of the Week

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Sirens are commonly seen in movies and television as singing mermaids – but what if we told you that sirens originated as bird people who hypnotize their prey with a lullaby?

This week’s featured podcast dives into the stories of some of the most famous folktales of our time and unveil how they came to be.

More Than Myths is your podcast of the week for Jan 17, 2022.

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What’s the podcast about?

Ever wonder where Christmas comes from or why we exchange presents early morning? How about the stories in Norse Mythology that inspired popular avengers characters like Thor and Loki?    Read More...

Your Tasty Treat for the Week: The Fantastic History of Food

A History Podcast About the Life of Food

Food is an integral part of any culture. Each food has its own story, influencing cultures and leaving lasting impressions on people all around the world.

For this week’s podcast of the week, we’re featuring the Fantastic History of Food. This history podcast focuses on bringing its listeners unique tales centered on our favorite ingredients and cuisines.

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What We Like About The Fantastic History of Food

This podcast is fresh—no pun intended. There’s no other podcast out there covering history based on food the way the Fantastic History of Food does. This podcast gives listeners unique stories based on past events like the California Egg War of 1863 and what ninjas regularly ate.    Read More...