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Inside The Crazy Ant Farm Earns Podcast of the Week

Inside the Crazy Ant Farm podcast cover

Movies today have taken a huge leap in production value and performance. With so many movies getting produced today, keeping up with the most recent and best films can be an entire job on its own.

Our featured podcast delivers the latest and greatest news about the film industry, covering everything from announcements to

Congrats to The Crazy Ant Farm for earning podcast of the week for May 2, 2022.

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What’s the podcast about?

Inside The Crazy Ant Farm is a podcast reporting on the movie industry. Logan Austin and Dustin Bergmann, hosts of the podcast, take film journalism a step further and facilitate a dialogue around the most recent news on cinema. Their journalistic approach to podcasting is very impressive, making each new episode incredibly insightful for everyone from the casual fan to the hardcore movie-lovers.    Read More...

Hollywood Unscripted Earns Podcast of the Week

Hollywood Unscripted podcast cover

The lives of famous actors and actresses can feel extravagant and unimaginable to most, but many successful stars have a handful of stories from their lives about triumph and overcoming challenges to get to where they are today.

Our featured podcasts interviews popular Hollywood personalities, taking a deeper look into their lives and sharing exclusive insights from behind-the-scenes.

Hollywood Unscripted is our podcast of the week for August 30, 2021!

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