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Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards

Podcast of the year 2021

Podcasting is bigger than ever – with more podcast than the entire population of Houston, Texas, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each year, we feature a handful of podcasters on Bullhorn making amazing content in the community.

Here is Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards:


Winner: GU Unfiltered

GU Unfiltered was one of the pioneers on Bullhorn, having adopted the platform as early as April 2021. Since starting on Bullhorn, he’s grown his live viewership from 10 listeners to over 150 average unique viewers per episode and over 200,000 total downloads. As a niche podcast about outdoors, UFC, and all things hunting, they’re more than deserving of our prestigious Bullhorn LIVE award.    Read More...

12 Best Podcast for Parenting in 2022

Becoming a parent isn’t easy. New parents especially have a hard time finding their way of raising their children. What’s more, it only gets more hectic as young ones turn to toddlers, and then to young adults.

Don’t feel discouraged! Even veteran parents struggle too. That’s where these podcasts for parenting come in.

These seasoned experts are in the trenches with their children, leading the way in helping listeners become better parents. We’ve gathered 12 of our favorite podcasts for moms and dads everywhere to help you raise your children with confidence.    Read More...