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Ten Cent Takes Earns Podcast of the Week!

In most recent years, comic book characters have taken the world by storm. With the adaption from comic books to film, we now have alternate fantasy universes like the MCU and DCU.

If you’ve been curious to find out the actual origins of some of the most famous comic book characters, look no further than our podcast of the week!

Congrats to Ten Cent Takes for earning our feature for June 6, 2022.  

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What’s the podcast about?

Ten Cent Takes is a podcast covering the history of comic books and cartoons and how they connect to present day popular culture. On the show, hosts Mike Thompson and Jessika Frazer take a journey into the past where Superman sold computers at RadioShack and where Marvel took a chance with horror comics.

The best thing about the podcast is their dedication to unraveling the history behind popular characters and sharing not-so-popular insights about comics that your average fan won’t know about.

The show is an enjoyable edu-tainment experience for new and seasoned comic book fans.

Why subscribe to the Ten Cent Takes podcast?

Mike and Jessika are amazing hosts, both enthusiastic nerdlings with a strong passion for comic books, their stories, and their characters.

If you grew up with an appreciation for characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and The Ninja Turtles, you’ll want to tune into the podcast.

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