We Love The Good News Podcast

Waking up to breaking news of today can be depressing. Most journalism networks report more often on tragedies and heartbreaking news. Not the Good News podcast.

Colleen and Neil are our winners for Podcast of the Week for their intelligent, refreshing conversations on the better things in the news. The Good News Podcast filters daily news and brings its listeners only reports that make people happy.

Fun, Exciting News with a Delightful Twist

The Good News Podcast delivers current events about the sunnier side of life, highlighting the light-hearted stories that lead to grins and cheerful responses. They introduce their podcast as “your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy.”

Based in Chicago, The Good News Podcasts gathers news from around the world and reports on topics in science, health, global issues, animals, astrology and much more while sharing their opinions and personality.

The producers of this podcast, the developers at Cards Against Humanity, don’t take the news too seriously—they give the hosts freedom to talk about a wide range of topics. Colleen and Neil put forth playful banter to go beside your morning coffee and daily news.

Recent episodes from The Good News Podcast we enjoyed:

Find More Details About the Good News Podcast

Colleen is a UX designer and podcast producer. Her co-host, Neil, is an improv performer and teacher. Their conversations last anywhere from four to 10 minutes, short enough to listen to while getting ready in the morning or on your commute.

Having started back in December 2017, you can find their archive of over 300 episodes on the Good News Podcast website or the Bullhorn podcast app.

Join the discourse! The Good News Podcasts publishes new podcasts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Subscribe and listen to the Good News Podcast on Bullhorn.FM without using your data plan or having a wi-fi connection.