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One of the best ways to raise children to become respectful and independent as adults is to get them involved with sports.

Playing sports can be a rewarding and humbling experience. Sports can be a teacher of many life lessons, like how to work with others as a team and the value of hard work.

Our featured podcast of the week is about a group of kids growing up together and the lessons they learn as they win and lose in different sports like baseball and basketball.

Here is the Punies by Kobe Bryan!

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What is the Punies by Kobe Bryant about?

Professional athletes can make sports look easy. Watching players like LeBron James and Tom Brady perform phenomenal acts of athleticism without breaking a sweat can leave onlookers in a state of awe.

While it might seem part of a distant past, a darker time when podcasts didn’t exist, LeBron and Tom were both kids once upon a time, learning to play sports like everyone else. As they grew into adults, the lessons they learned on the court and on the field played a crucial role in shaping who they are off the court.

The Punies by Kobe Bryant is a podcast series that captures the character-defining moments in sports and collects them into a short, digestible series with many lovable characters and catchy sing-along songs.

The podcast series follows a group of grade-school children as they work as a team towards the common goal of winning. Through their hardships, the characters learn to overcome challenges and build upon their past experiences in a positive and constructive manner.

While the series is filled with many philosophies from the mind of Kobe Bryant, these lessons are hidden beneath a loveable, enjoyable story about young kids doing what young kids do.

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The Punies is the first published podcast series from Granity Studios, a creative publishing house developed by five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant. This series is the culmination of his experiences as a basketball player, storyteller, and father.

If you’ve been looking for a podcast that will entertain children as much as it will teach them, whether you’re a parent, professor, teacher or coach, you’ll want to check out the family-friendly podcast series, the Punies.

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