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The Rewatchables Earns Podcast of the Week

Have you ever looked back on a film and thought, “more people should watch this movie”? Our featured podcast is an audio show taking a trip down memory lane to give a second look at some of the most moving pictures from the past.

Congratulations to The Rewatchables for earning podcast of the week for February 10, 2020!

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Hosts: Bill Simmons and a variety of guests and members of The Ringer podcasting company

What is The Rewatchables about?

Since the first motion-picture in 1888, films have graduated into a well-received artform many can enjoy today. 

The Rewatchables is a podcast show from the Ringer looking at popular films in recent history and opening up the discussion about how these films hold up in the 21st century. The podcast reviews films like No Country for Old Men and Top Gun, giving these films a second look with a contemporary lens.

Bill Simmons invites a range of other hosts, superstars that include Quentin Tarantino, director of popular films like Django Unchained (2012)and Pulp Fiction (1994), and the Safdie Brothers, director of Uncut Gems (2019) and Good Time (2017), to join him in reviewing popular films from the past and offer audiences insights on to what they thought about the film.

Why subscribe to The Rewatchables podcast?

When watching a film for the first time, especially a good film, there’s an element of astonishment and surprise that can never be recreated. However, being introduced to a movie for the first time can leave an audience with a handful of questions that they may have missed throughout the film.

On the second and third viewing, audiences can nitpick on the minute details that set the film apart from your average story. The Rewatchables offers listeners a chance to review a film for another time where the hosts can offer expert-level observations and open up a conversation about how that film would hold up now.

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