Top 10 NBA Podcasts in 2020

NBA podcasts all year round? Yes please!

If you’re an NBA fan like us, there’s not enough breaking news in the world to satiate that hunger for more games, more discussion and more basketball.

That’s why we’ve come up with ten of our favorite NBA podcasts so you can stay up to date on the latest news, rumors and rankings around the NBA. Here’s our list of the best NBA podcasts out now.

1. The Ringer NBA Show

The Ringer NBA Show logo for NBA podcasts

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor

What’s this podcast about? The Ringer NBA Show is a robust basketball podcast covering all things related to the NBA.

During the NBA season, the Ringer NBA Show becomes a daily show discussing breakout news, everything from injuries to trades. During the summer, The Ringer NBA Show still publishes episodes every few days talking about roster updates, trending topics and hot topics around the league, like players leaving the USA Basketball team and new sneaker deals.

The podcast hosts discussions about everything, including players, teams, owners—nothing about the NBA is off limits to Vernon and O’Connor.

What we like about the Ringer NBA Show: This podcast offers a unique take on the NBA. Listeners are sure to find insights and discussions exclusive to the Ringer podcast.

Listen to the latest episodes by The Ringer NBA Show on Bullhorn:

2. Pull Up with CJ McCollum

Pull Up with CJ McCollum logo for NBA podcasts

Hosts: CJ McCollum with his co-host Jordan Schultz

What’s this podcast about?

Pull Up with CJ McCollum is a podcast by the shoot guard of the Portland Trailblazers.

CJ has insights on the league no other podcaster can offer. As an NBA player, McCollum has a unique perspective that brings light to a side of the NBA fans don’t often see.

Pull Up frequently features all-star guests, from Kevin Love and Kevin Durant to Adrian Wojnarowski and Gary Vaynerchuk, so you can expect each episode to be as exciting as his patented mid-range pull up.

What we like about Pull Up with CJ McCollum: CJ loves basketball. It’s in his blood. His brother plays in Europe, which he frequently discusses, and he’s arguably one of the top five best shooting guards in the NBA right now. On his podcast, he reveals how he and his brother got to where they are now and how they continue to maintain that momentum in a league where talent can be found as frequent as corporate employees at Starbucks.

What’s the best part about this podcast? “Cue the wine music!” *wine cork pops.

Pull Up with CJ McCollum is a weekly podcast published throughout the year. You can find the latest episodes of the Pull Up podcast on Bullhorn:

3. Through the Wire  

Through the Wire podcast by House of Highlights logo

Hosts: Kenny, Pierre, Mike, and Darrick

What’s this podcast about? Through the Wire is a podcast produced by House of Highlights, a popular Instagram account with over 14 million followers.

This show isn’t like the rest of the NBA podcasts. This podcast gives its listeners an off-the-cuff approach to NBA discussion. Each episode is broken into segmented topics where each host brings their own insights on various NBA and non-NBA-related subjects. Conversations frequently run off topic, but that’s all part of the charm of Through the Wire. These four childhood friends turned NBA analysts cover topics that range from the top ten NBA players to the biggest What-If players in NBA history.

What we like about Through the Wire:

We absolutely love the personality on this podcast. Each host brings a unique perspective to the table, offering new, valuable takes on highly trending topics. Kenny, Pierre, Mike and Darrick display their chemistry together with each episode, able to rift off one another like a Jazz ensemble.

Through the Wire posts new episodes every week, often posting multiple times a week. Find Through the Wire on Bullhorn:

4. The Woj Pod

The Woj Pod logo

Hosts: Adrian Wojnarowski

What’s this podcast about? Adrian Wojnarowski, aka Woj Bomb, is a reporter publishing breaking news about the NBA all year round. If you follow his twitter, you’ll know how influential Wojnarowski is to fans across the world. Woj has now taken his insights to the podcasting world and created The Woj Pod.

On his podcast, Adrian gives his take on the latest news in the NBA, from trade acquisitions to rumors around the league.

What we like about the Woj Pod: Wojnarowski is one reporter in the NBA you want to follow. Even players around the league depend on confirmation from Wojnarowski to avoid buying into any fake news. His impact on NBA news culture can’t be denied, and neither can his podcast.

Find the latest takes by the Woj Pod on Bullhorn:

5. The Lowe Post

The Lowe Post podast logo

Hosts: Zachary Curtis Lowe

What’s this podcast about? One of the more popular NBA podcasts out there, the Lowe Post features exclusive conversations with other NBA journalist that give listeners insights into the league that can’t be found anywhere else.

With ESPN backing the production behind The Lowe Post, you’re sure to find some of the bigger names covering the NBA featured on the podcast, reporters that range from Adrian Wojnarowski to Brian Windhorse.

What we like about the Lowe Post: Zach Lowe knows his stuff. He digs deep into the NBA to bring listeners insightful information to broaden your perspective about what goes on around the league that can’t be found on other NBA podcasts. We also love the name.

Tune in to the latest episodes by the Lowe Post on Bullhorn:

6. Fastbreak Breakfast NBA Podcast

Fastbreak Breakfast podcast logo

Hosts: Keith Parish, Chuck & Jon Burr

What’s this podcast about? Fastbreak breakfast is a comedy podcast featuring three enthusiastic life-long fans covering news around the NBA. This podcast is a lighter approach to NBA news, offering a unique, fan-side perspective on popular topics in the league. After discussing what the hosts ate for breakfast that morning, they get into the nitty gritty of the NBA, discussing everything from pre-season outlooks to twitter burner accounts.

What we like about Fastbreak Breakfast: This podcast is laid back and relaxed. If you’re looking for NBA podcasts hard on providing listeners nothing but the latest news, this isn’t it. And that’s part of what we love about the podcast. Fastbreak Breakfast is a puts a charming spin on delivering news by the fans.

Join Keith, Chuck and Jon for Fastbreak Breakfast twice a week on Bullhorn:

7. Open Floor: SI’s NBA Show

Open Floor podcast logo

Hosts: Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver

What’s this podcast about? The Open Floor offers exclusive interviews with reporters and analyst, guests like Mike Trudell, Spectrum Sports reporter for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Sekou Smith of NBA TV, where they reveal exclusive details about their experience being so close to the league.

What we like about Open Floor: We absolutely love how intricate each episode gets with their interviews and news coverage. Sports Illustrated is known for long-form content that highlights the human aspects of athletes. This podcast continues that sentiment, inviting big-name reporters in addition to cover NBA news.

Find the latest from Open Floor on Bullhorn:

8. Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmon podcast logo

Hosts: Bill Simmons

What’s this podcast about? While not exclusive to discussing the NBA, Bill Simmons is a huge influencer in sports. His opinions on the NBA fuel heavy debate across the league. Each episode delivers off-the-cuff conversations about popular topics about the sports in season

What we like about the Bill Simmons Podcast: Bill Simmons knows his stuff. Each of his guests are well-informed about the NBA, able to defend their argument with plenty of evidence. Bill Simmons is a leader in sports podcasts, and listeners will know why.

Find episodes from the Bill Simmons podcast at Bullhorn:

9. The Starters

The Starters podcast logo

Hosts: J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas

What’s this podcast about? This podcast is a daily show covering the biggest games and hottest news about the NBA. The Staters opens discussions on opinions around the league, from potential landing spots for free agents to win percentage predictions. The Starters airs on NBA TV, so Skeets and Melas have behind-the-scenes access to information found no where else.

What we like about the Starters: A daily podcast is just what we need to get our NBA fix. During an 82-game season for 32 teams in the NBA, there are a lot of games to cover. The Starters give you the hottest games, bringing the most important news to their listeners.

Listen to the latest NBA podcasts from The Starters on Bullhorn:

10. The Jump

The Jump podcast logo

Hosts: Rachel Nichols and a changing cast of ESPN analysts

What’s this podcast about? This podcast has conversations that keep tabs on the major trends going on around the league. If there’s a big story in the NBA, Rachel Nichols and the rest of the ESPN insiders are discussing it on the Jump. ESPN is a leader in sports, and this show is no different.

Each episode is filled with analytics and no-bs reporting. Hot topics fuel debates between analyst and give listeners popular viewpoints.

What we like about the Jump: The Jump covers every trending headline. If you only listen to the Jump as your main source of NBA news, you’ll get a healthy dose of the most popular news and hold your own in a fan-fueled conversation.

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