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True Crime Garage Earns Podcast of the Week

What do you get when you mix beer and true crime stories? You get an amazing podcast that’s entertaining, gripping, and downright fun.

For this week’s podcast of the week, we’re covering murder and crime cases with an amazing pair of hosts who love their craft beer.

Congratulations to True Crime Garage for earning podcast of the week for March 1, 2021.

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What is the Podcast About?

True Crime is a hugely popular podcasting genre—you’ll find many podcasts showcasing both popular and lesser-known true crime stories.

What sets True Crime Garage from other podcasts in the genre is their approach to each case and its hosts, Nic and the Captain.

Not only do these hosts do an excellent job investigating the details surrounding a murder, but they do also so with charm, talent, and delicious ales.

This podcast releases episodes weekly, often taking a handful of episodes to finish a case, building suspense, and really letting its hosts unravel the small details of the event that make the reimagining of the experience visceral and textural. The hosts do an excellent job of painting a picture for the audience, delivering everything from actual interviews from the event to their own opinions on what they think happened and what they know to be true.

Why subscribe to True Crime Garage?

True Crime Garages is an amazing podcast that loves to get its community involved. Nic and the Captain are amazing at delivering a detailed story filled with suspense, mystery, and lots of beer.

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts and love cracking open a cold one, you’ll absolutely enjoy True Crime Garage.

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