Creepin’ Up as Winner for Podcast of the Week: True Crime Guys

A True Crime Podcast That’s as Hilarious as it is Shocking

Can’t get enough true crime podcasts? Neither can we!

For this week, we’re featuring a pair of podcasters from Sin City Las Vegas. These hosts take a comedic spin on covering murder, betrayal and the world’s most notorious killers.

Congratulations to True Crime Guys on winning Podcast of the Week!

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We love featuring up-and-coming podcasts doing something awesome. The team behind True Crime Guys is passionate about giving their listeners entertaining coverage on shocking murderers from all around the world, everything from serial killers to crimes of passion.

Lorne and Michael, hosts of True Crime Guys, often poke fun at the cases they present, either by mocking the featured criminal’s methods, intelligence or just flat out making fun of the person.

Murder and Laughter Make for One Entertain Podcast

They’ve covered a wide range of cases, from the most famous murderers, like Aileen Wuornos, Dr. Death and William Bonin, to some of the most fascinating, like the stories of Kipland Kinkel, The Bloody Benders and Peter “The Vampire of Düsseldorf” Kürten.

What makes this podcast different is the way in which each episode is presented. Where many podcasters offer a produced recap of the events that took place, these podcasters do research into the published books and articles surrounding the case and present that more in a conversation. They use that research to develop the narrative of their story, giving details on both the case and the featured person’s upbringing.

If you liked Crime Junkie, you’re sure to love True Crime Guys.

Each episode is filled with horrifying murder and loads of laughter, a combination that makes for one entertaining podcasting experience.

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