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Unspookable Earns Podcast of the Week

Where did Bloody Mary come from? How did Ouija boards become used to contact the dead?

Our featured podcast talks about all things spooky in a family-friendly manner, everything from the Slender Man to Friday the 13th.

Congratulations to Unspookable for earning podcast of the week for March 9, 2020.

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Host: Elise Parisian

What’s the Unspookable about?

The movies of today have everything from zombies and vampires to creepy dolls and mystical mermaids, but where did all these myths and legends come from?

Unspookable is a family-friendly podcast unraveling the histories of your favorite spooky characters in a way that’s easy to understand and fun for everyone, from parents to kids 8 years old and up. Each episode takes a deep dive into the origins of each mythical creature, from where they first started to show up in history to how these legends impact our culture.

Take the topic of “witches” for example—did you know that many people were prosecuted as witches in the late 1600s during the Salem witch trials? This led to a phenomenon of witch hunts that still resonate with our culture today. Unspookable covers this historical anecdote while also sharing reactions from kids on their experience learning about how witches first became popular topics in spooky legends and movies.

Why subscribe to the Unspookable podcast?

It’s not every day that we get a scary podcast that’s made for everyone in the family, from grandparents to granddaughters. Unspookable uniquely blends educational qualities with story-telling elements to give listeners an exclusive experience with cryptids and characters of folklore.

Elise Parisian, the host of Unspookable, is a welcomed narrator, adding a comforting ambiance amid an array of eerie legends. She’s a perfect addition to the podcast with her ability to balance the blend between frightening and academic.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s as chilling as it is entertaining, check out Unspookable on Bullhorn.

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