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Wheel of Horror Earns Podcast of the Week!

Some of the most memorable movies of all time are horror movies. Icons like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers found their humble beginnings in classic films that movie fans still remember today.

Our featured podcast covers some of the best fan-favorite horror films to ever grace the silver screen.

Wheel of Horror earns podcast of the week for April 18, 2022.

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What’s the podcast about?

Wheel of Horror is a fun and enjoyable podcast about horror movies – a love letter to the horror genre. Their critical eye towards the genre bodes for well-articulated conversations around the horror movie industry, everything from how the movie came about to how fans reacted to the film.

What makes this podcast awesome is the hosts’ unfiltered observations and opinions. Alec Lawless and Erik Mazurick, hosts of Wheel of Horror, are welcomed horror movie critics, exploring parts of the film even the most dedicated fans overlook.

Why Subscribe to the Wheel of Horror podcast?

Alec Lawless and Erik Mazurick are connoisseurs of horror movies with a wealth of knowledge in the field. They’ve reviewed over 150 horror movies and have published over 200 podcast episodes, making for hundreds of hours spent watching film and analyzing them – these guys know their stuff.

If you love dissecting horror movies and uncovering mind-blowing movie trivia, you’ll want to subscribe to the Wheel of Horror podcast.

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