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What’s the best way to optimize your daily fantasy line-ups? By following the best managers, analyzing their picks and choosing a strategy that works.

Our podcast of the week for November 11, 2019 helps listeners find strategies that work and learn the best ways to win in daily fantasy sports.

Congrats to the fantasy podcast Study Minute for being a fan favorite!

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What’s Study Minute about?

Study Minute is a daily fantasy podcast offering advice, strategies and reporting on the latest news in fantasy sports. Manny shares his expertise on the NFL and NBA, helping listeners adjust their line-ups and win big-time rewards on apps like Draftkings and Fanduel.

Each bite-sized episode addresses three relevant topics and is finished in roughly 10 minutes. This format encourages listeners to spend less time mulling over past acquisitions and more time figuring out the best lineups for having the highest potential for scoring valuable fantasy points.

Manny is no slouch himself. He tests his theories and hones his analytical skills by reviewing the most recent results, all with the intent of delivering the most up-to-date analysis and speculations on fantasy sports.

Why subscribe to the Study Minute fantasy podcast?

Manny is the man. If you scroll through Study Minute’s reviews on Apple Podcast, you’ll quickly realize the sentiment his fans have around his fantasy advice. Manny knows his stuff. The only complaint is that his podcast reveals too many secrets.

Study Minute talks recent big-time winners and how they scored the winning points to take them over the top. These analyses put a method to daily fantasy drafts, helping listeners improve their win percentages.

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