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Looking to join other women in their efforts to close the wage gap and fight against inequalities in the workforce?

Several studies have shown that women-led businesses often receive less funding when compared to businesses run by men. However, the success rates of companies run by women are much higher according to Jen McFarland, host of Women Conquer Business.

Our podcast of the week features interviews with successful women in businesses from all around the world.

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What is this podcast about?

The Women Conquer Business podcast is an ongoing talk show that interviews successful businesswomen from all around the world. McFarland invites business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and more to discuss different topics in business, from overnight success myths to creating marketing systems to scale your business.

Each conversation takes listeners on a deep dive into important topics related to success in business. Guests discuss the challenges they’ve had to face and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome on their journey towards finding success as a woman in the business.

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Jen McFarland is no slouch herself in business. She’s been featured on other podcasts like Ask Win and Business & Life Conversations to discuss her experience as a business owner and entrepreneur.

She leverages her experience in business to curate interview questions tailored to each guest invited to the podcast, offering never-before-heard insights about successful women around the globe.

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