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Writing Community Chat Show Earns Podcast of the Week

Writing, communication, and the art of storytelling is one of the oldest art forms in history. Though language has changed over time, people’s love for the written word has continued to grow.

Our featured podcast is a community of writers who help one another improve on their craft and take the art to new heights.

Writing Community Chat Show earns podcast of the week for May 23, 2022.

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What’s the podcast about?

Writing Community Chat Show is a podcast that helps other writers work through the struggles that come along with authorship. The podcast is focused on helping listeners grow their skills in writing and develop the right habits as a writer to produce sound, quality work.

The show frequents guests with an exceptional skill in writing. Listeners can expect conversations on how they came to be a writer, some tips they may have for their specific field of writing, and how to continue to cultivate the skill.

Why subscribe to the podcast?

If you’re a struggling author, seasoned journalist, or someone who just has an interest in the art, this podcast is for you. You’ll find conversations with writers from all walks of life, from those that have writen children’s books to those that have self-published.

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