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Your Podcast or Mine Earns Podcast of the Week

With more podcasts than ever, it’s hard to find a podcast that’s right for you.

For our podcast of the week, we have an audio show that highlights a few fan favorites, helping listeners find and curate a playlist that’s just for them.

Congratulations to Your Podcast or Mine for earning podcast of the week for January 20, 2020!

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Hosts: Sherry

What is Your Podcast or Mine about?

Your Podcast or Mine is an interview podcast that invites creative hosts from other indy podcasts to share details about what makes their podcast so entertaining.

Each episode features a different podcast where they talk about everything from individual episodes to the creative process on how they gather ideas and produce their podcast series. Sherry, host of Podcast or Mine, leads an off-the-cuff conversation with hosts from the featured podcasts where they’re free to share individual episodes and topics and invite new listeners to try their podcast.

Whether you’re looking to find the latest podcast on true crime, entertainment news or the history of food, you’ll be sure to find something that’s just what you’ve been looking for.

Why subscribe to the Your Podcast or Mine podcast?

It’s hard navigating through the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, so getting a small snippet from different podcasts can be a great introduction on both the topics and personalities that host that you’ll find on the show.

Your Podcast or Mind is a perfect sample platter of a plethora of independent podcasts where listeners can pick and choose which podcasts will join the elite ranks of their own personal playlist.

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