You know that feeling when something from beneath you is devouring and you're like, really trying to sort what the hell that is so you can save the world for like the billionth time, but then some high school student puts on a mystical letterman jack... Details
We are BACK, the year is 2022, and everything is coming up Anya. We go deeper into understanding Anya's origins and past then ever before, we get a brilliantly horrible CGI spider, Kristin dubs the frat house "Murdercrombie" (did she miss the perfect... Details
Buffy is using all of her slayer know-how to be a guidance counselor at the new Sunnydale High and it seems that, as many might have anticipated, those two skill sets do not have significant overlap — though she is great at sharpening pencils. Spike ... Details
Today's episode was taped LIVE and both of us were in the same place at the same time talk about Season 7 Episode 3, "Same Time, Same Place"! HOW NOVEL. Will there be Gnarl impressions? Yes. Will we re-enact the entire scene between Willow and ... Details
This is a re-airing of "Seeing Red & 'The Monster Myth,'" which originally aired in our Patreon feed alongside Buffy's S6E19: "Seeing Red" We've chosen to re-air this episode in the main feed the week after Season 7's second episode, "Beneath You," ... Details
From Beneath You, This Episode Devours. That's it, that's the whole description. LOCATE YOUR HOSTS UPON THE INTERNET Jenny Owen Youngs: @jennyowenyoungs; Kristin Russo: @kristinnoeline; Buffering the Vampire ... Details
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Sunnydale High School is BACK, and so the f*ck are we!!!! Welcome to Season 7, scoobies. We've got ghost zombies, blueprints, and a brand new principal — not to mention a second ensouled vampire hiding in the basement with every single big bad we've ... Details
As a part of a four-episode series surrounding 6.19 Seeing Red, Kristin curated a conversation with Emma O'Sullivan — a former Kitten Board member who met her wife on the Willow & Tara boards in the early aughts — and Jen Malkowski, our very favorite... Details
We are heading out of the grave and into the light, dearest scoobies — it is the end, the end of Season Six! WE MADE IT!!!! Dark Willow did not destroy the world, Giles did not die (but did smolder), Dawn efficiently fought off the lobster tree demo... Details
It's the season finale, scoobies!!! We've got a whole entire family feud up at the top to kick us off into Angel's S3E22: Tomorrow — and don't you worry because Justine is also here, along with her new... theme song? ... to let us know that despite A... Details
Oh mannnnnnn Dark Willow needs to kick every square inch of Buffy's ass and is also driving a truck by standing on top of it and is also making cops take naps and by the way did you know she also has some shit to do with Rack and *also* she would lik... Details
Hello, Scoobies. Naturally, Angel Season 3 continues its focus on fathers and sons (sons and fathers) with "Benediction," an episode where our heroes really need a nice, hot shower. But you know what this episode also continues? The season's focus on... Details
She owes you! She owes you paaaain! Whewwwww, that's right scoobies: Willow has gone and smooshed her vengeance seeking hands into *all* of the dark magic books and slurped up so much dark magic that her hair and eyes have turned black and her voice ... Details
Slow motion. Questionable CGI. Whatever the plural of "chamois" (which is NOT spelled "shammy") is. Consider it what to expect when you're expecting "A New World." (That's the Angel episode title there, Scoobies.) Join your hosts LaToya Ferguson and ... Details
Amber Benson is here with us, in conversation with Kristin & Jenny, and we could not be more overjoyed!!!! We talk about witchcraft, memories from the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the impact of queer characters on television, the beauty and power... Details
Seeing Red is here, whether we want it to be or not! This is one of FOUR episodes we produced and recorded to cover the episode as responsibly as possible. Making space for nuanced conversation on both the bathroom scene (a link to our episode with J... Details
Now, we're not sure if you've heard, but there is always a price to using dark magics. That's a lesson our foes over on Buffering the Vampire Slayer learned earlier this season (with "After Life"), and it's a lesson we're all learning this week on An... Details
If Spike and Anya doing it on the Magic Box table wasn't enough for you (Giles would be scandalized!), then how about Ira Madison III here in-episode with us talking about all of his hottest takes on Season 6?? One thing we all agree on: Xander, shut... Details
Scoobies, a question: Is "Double or Nothing" a fun episode of Angel or is it quite a sad episode of Angel? Depending on who you ask during this episode of Angel on Top—and possibly despite the iconic Coolio needle drop—the answer might surprise you. ... Details