Lights Camera Barstool
A movie podcast for the common man by the Big Time Movie Boys @JeffDLowe, @KenJac and @Trillballins. We talk about movies, food and pop culture the same way you talk about movies and pop culture with your friends.You can find every episode of this sh...
Film Junk Podcast
Weekly Movie Reviews and Banter Among Friends
Nightmare on Film Street - A Horror Movie Podcast
Horror for the Casually Obsessed. A candid, comedic take on the horror movie genre from hosts Jonathan Dehaan and Kimberley Elizabeth. Episodes drop most Thursdays on iTunes, Spotify, and our Website.Become a member of the Fiend Club on Patreon for E...
Science Fiction Film Podcast (2019)
The Science Fiction Film Podcast ran from 2014 until 2019 and helped build the LSG Media brand. The episodes in this feed are from the final year of programming. The entire archive is available as a perk for members. Check out the website - www.liber...
Slate's Spoiler Specials
On Slate's Spoiler Specials, Slate critics, such as Dana Stevens and Willa Paskin, discuss new movies and TV shows in spoiler-filled detail. We dissect twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in reviews. WARNING: This podcast cont...
Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast
Become a Paid Subscriber and get bonus podcasts: Three playful movie reviewers break down a variety of film franchises by dedicating a podcast to every single sequel, reboot, and spin-off in a series. In...
Mad About Movies
Founded in 2013, three critics hailing from Dallas-Fort Worth attempt to make sense of the current state of cinema without taking this whole thing too seriously. They’re just movies, y’all. Hosts Kent Garrison, Richard Bardon and Brian Gill - on Twit...
The Bechdel Cast
The Bechdel Cast is a podcast about the portrayal of women in movies hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus.
Watch Diary
Welcome to Watch Diary! From Ryan Snelling (Collider/Schmoes Know/Sight & Sound), comes an outside-the bubble, movie-centric podcast. This feed will feature reviews, commentaries, and TV recaps from some of the feeds familiar voices. If you love what...
The Geekz Podcast
The Geekz is a podcast and YouTube show hosted by a bunch of 40 year old guys talking about the geeky stuff and sometimes balancing it in with family stuff. We love movies, tv, Video Game, collecting toys, statutes, comic books and more. Sometimes ...
Maximum Film!
A movie podcast that isn't just a bunch of straight white dudes. Comedian Ify Nwadiwe is joined by film producer Drea Clark and film critic Alonso Duralde for a fast, funny, flight through film. Maximum Film! is news, reviews and in-depth insight, be...
Bald Move Prestige
Bald Move Prestige is where the best of the best come to shine. In the Prestige podcast, we talk about serious dramas, excellence in filmmaking, and everything in between; on television or on the big screen.
Black on Black Cinema - Black Film Reviews
In-depth Black film reviews and frank conversations that matter to the Black community.This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at
Fighting In The War Room: A Movies And Pop Culture Podcast
The Film and Pop-Culture Podcast
From their compound tucked deep in the mountains of Montana, each week the Frightday crew investigates chilling incidents of high strangeness, human wickedness, peculiar cryptids, & conspiracies...from a rational perspective. The subject is then pai...
Nerd Nuptial
Checkout two married nerds and their slant on all things geek.Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are intere...
Cinik Radio Podcast
Hello World and Welcome to Cinik Radio Podcast where you will hear the thoughts and opinions of 3 unknown's with plenty to say. So if you enjoy sarcasm, cynical humor and blunt honesty then this is the podcast for you so stop by and listen in .
Now Playing Presents: The Complete Friday the 13th Retrospective Series
In anticipation of the Michael Bay remake of Friday the 13th, the hosts of Now Playing look back at all the films in Jason Voorhees' oeuvre. Join us as we take a lighthearted look back on the body count of the past 30 years.
Now Playing Presents: The Complete Halloween Movie Retrospective Series
The hosts of Now Playing look into Michael Myers' family scrapbook, watching and reviewing all Halloween movies, from John Carpenter's original to Season of the Witch, to H20, to Rob Zombie, to the latest reboots and sequels!
Now Playing Presents: The Complete A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Retrospective Series
1, 2, Freddy's coming for you! The reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters April. You can start getting ready now with the hosts of Now Playing as we revisit and review all the films in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Listen now, and ...

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