This week, back to the normal format for another year! David joins the podcast during a very busy week where his daycare is closed to talk with Katey abuout virtual Sundance 2022 and some early film highlights. Then, Katey tells Da7e and Patches why ... Details
The Cream of the Crop in Part 2. Miss Part 1? CLICK HERE.  The Global Pandemic might not have let up during 2021, but that isn't stopping Fighting In The War Room from spotlighting last year's great movies. Some of us got to go to theaters this year ... Details
So Many Good Movies, We Split the Podcast Into Two The Global Pandemic might not have let up during 2021, but that isn't stopping Fighting In The War Room from spotlighting last year's great movies. Some of us got to go to theaters this year (hell, D... Details
This week, we're back for 2022, a year where we're going to have to prove to Time Magazine we're still a good podcast. Kicking off this year, we have three movies that a lot of Twitter seems to be getting all wrong. First – most everyone liked Licori... Details
Four Movies From 2011  ….ish It's another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell!  Instead of capping off the year with our annual Top Tens, we've pushed that episode back into January for film catch-up and instead delivered another Quarter Quell! Th... Details
This week, on the final "normal" Fighting in the War Room of the year, we held the episode back until Spider-Man: No Way Home was in theaters so we could do a Segment 3 FULL OF SPOILERS as there's not a lot to talk about that wouldn't be considered a... Details
This week, the podcast has learned it is one of Time Magazine's Top Ten Podcasts of 2021 and is unsure why. Join Katey Rich, David Ehrlich, Matt Patches, and Da7e Gonzales as they take on Power of the Dog (now on Netflix!), talk about big performance... Details
This week, only the boys are in the War Room to discuss Tick Tick…Boom! on Netflix and both Da7e and Patches were former theater kids, so you can guess how that might go. Then, David (who was also into Rent, to be fair) downloads with Patches on King... Details
This week, Katey, David, Patches, and Da7e all weigh in on the new Taylor's Version of Taylor Swift's Red, which has released a short film and a music video. Then, Da7e wishes that Disney Plus Day's Twitter Thread PR was just an e-mail. Finally, ever... Details
This week, the men have seen Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe's The Beta Test, a satire erotic thriller available on VOD and in theaters, then Katey and David discuss Spencer where Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana (out in limited release), then Patches... Details
This week, the podcast gives you a peek at Passing, which is in select theaters now and will soon be coming to Netflix. Then, Patches asks the group: Is Succession just Entorurage? (Succession season 3 is airing on HBO). Finally, All four hosts are w... Details
This week, everyone is back in the War Room to discuss and dissect Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part One which hit theaters and HBO Max last weekend and was a big enough success to get a green light for Dune: Part Two in 2023. Watch it, then join us for ... Details
Oh no, Katey and David have left Patches and Da7e in charge of the War Room again, and when that happens sometimes they cancel the podcast. This time, they chat about last weekend's DC Fandome event and what non-Marvel superhero movies have in store ... Details
This week, Katey and David talk about the drama Bergman Island, David and Patches talk Palme d'Or winner Titane (now in theaters!), then everyone tries to convince Da7e that he liked No Time To Die, Cary Fukanaga's James Bond movie, more than he did.... Details
This week, Da7e and Patches have a review of box office success Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Katey suggests actually tuning in to a television channel for American Crime Story: Impeachment, and then all your hosts chime in from various perspectives o... Details
This week, everyone is back in the war room and gave Foundation on Apple TV a try. This science fiction TV show has big Game of Thrones aspirations. But before that: Da7e, Patches and David discuss Midnight Mass on Netflix (Spoilers at the end of the... Details
This week, Katey has job-related places to be that are not the War Room, so the guys are left in charge. First, without their resident awards expert on hand, Da7e, Patches, and David talk through their thoughts about last weekend's Emmys. Then, in an... Details
This week – David is back in the War Room and he and Katey Rich have been digesting more film festival movies. Patches and Da7e let them have a mini segment to highlight some good movies that are hopefully made available to the masses soon. Patches a... Details
This week – David sends a dispatch from the Telluride Film Festival touching on The Duke, The Power of the Dog, Netflix's The Lost Daughter, The Hand of God, Spencer, Belfast, The Rescue, and Cyrano. Back in the War Room, Katey and Da7e discuss the A... Details
This week – David is STILL out and about in the world and unable to join us in the War Room, so Katey has requested we all watch For Your Consideration on HBO Max. We did, and it was subtle but didn't ticklet the funny bones of all your hosts. Before... Details