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What is Bullhorn?
Bullhorn is a good looking podcast app that offers common sense functionality with award winning features and simplicity.
How is Bullhorn Different?
  • No ads, no premium version, and no kooky privacy policy.
  • Bullhorn allows an option for users to listen to podcasts without data or wifi. Our unique call-to-listen feature allows listeners to dial a phone number to listen to their favorite podcasts. So the listener is using their cell phone minutes plan instead of their data. This extends the reach of podcasts to listeners in rural and underserved communities that may not be able to afford or access to reliable data.
How does Bullhorn Make Money?
As said above, we don't run in-app ads or have a premium version. Instead, we have revenue sharing agreements with content producers and phone companies to distribute podcasts through our dial-in network. This means that as long as you have an unlimited minute plan (which 97% of the US does) there is no cost to you for listening to podcasts.
Bullhorn doesn’t have my favorite podcast
We are sorry! But we can fix this. If your a podcaster go to to submit your RSS feed. If your a listener you can go into your bullhorn app, go to your explore page and then select the icon in the top left corner and request the podcast you want to add to the Bullhorn library. We should be able to add the podcast within 20 minutes.


How to Sign Up
  • Go to Select either the Download on the iOS App Store or the GET IT ON Google Play icon, then download to your device.
  • Once the app is downloaded click on the Sign up icon.
  • Enter your Full Name and click Next.
  • Enter your mobile number click Next and wait for a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code you received via text and click on Continue.
  • Congrats. You have now successfully signed up. Tell us what you like by going through the onboarding process or skip to the Explore section to search for podcasts and episodes.
How to Call into a Podcast
Calling into a podcast is easy. Simply find the podcast of your choice, click on the play button then choose the Call-to-Listen option. Once you are connected you are able to use all the normal playback controls you are used to using on a typical audio player.
Dial-in Playback Controls

After dialing in to listen to an episode of a podcast you may use your dial pad to control your session. Use these key commands:

  • 1 to hear the full list of commands
  • 4 to rewind 15 seconds
  • 5 to pause
  • 6 to fast forward 15 seconds
  • 7 to rewind 10 minutes
  • 9 to fast forward 10 minutes
How to Download an Episode
  • Each episode card of a podcast has a download button to the right of the episode.
  • Click the icon and the download will begin.
  • Once the download is complete you may access it by clicking the downloads library button in the upper left corner of your home page.
How to Follow a Podcast Profile
  • Use the Explore page to find a podcast.
  • Select the Follow button to subscribe to a podcast.
How to Share an Episode
  • Use either the Explore section or your Feed to find a podcast.
  • Select the share icon in the lower left corner of the episode card.
Your Shows
Your Shows is a list of all the podcasts that you are currently following.
Your Home Feed
Your home feed shows all the episodes from the podcasts you are subscribed to in chronological order starting with the newest at the top.
Explore Page
The Explore Page is where you can find new podcasts to listen to. Browse through our playlists and categories or search for something in particular.
How to Share the App
  • Navigate to your profile page by tapping the icon in the lower right corner.
  • Tap the Share Bullhorn option.
  • Select people from your contact list to share the app with.
How to add a podcast to Bullhorn
  • Navigate to the Explore section with the search icon.
  • Click on the top left link icon to enter the URL and name of the podcast and select Submit
  • Or go to
How to search for podcasts & Episodes
  • Navigate to the Explorer page.
  • Select the search field.
  • Browse through Top podcasts or Top episodes or see the search field to enter the name of the podcast or episode you are looking for.
Keep up with new releases of podcast episodes by turning on notifications.


Where Do I Find What I Have Liked
Access a full list of the episodes you have liked by navigating to My Likes on your profile page.
Report Inappropriate Content
If you feel that there is offensive or otherwise inappropriate content on Bullhorn let us know. Each podcast and episode has an option to report inside the menu at the upper right of its card.
Customize Your Profile & Update Your Info
Navigate to your profile page and click on your name at the top of the page to update or edit your personal and contact settings.
Benefits of Customization
  • Personalize your profile with a picture.
  • Create a fun bio.
  • Add website or company description.
Download Bullhorn logos in high quality
If you'd like to show off your new podcast profile, you can download zip file, with Bullhorn logos. Feel free to use it on your website or social media.

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